Dolphin Fishing in the Florida Keys

Dolphin Fishing in the Florida Keys

Many people travel from all over the country to fish for dolphin in the Florida Keys. These fish are found here year round but they peak over the summer months. Dolphin fishing is an exciting type of fishing that offers anglers a chance to catch a beautiful, great tasting fish. Dolphin, a.k.a. Mahi Mahi, is not “Flipper” but a type of fish often confused with the porpoise.

dolphin fishing in the Florida KeysDolphins are a great game fish. They are strong and great jumpers. This makes them very exciting to catch. These fish travel in schools most of the time so you often catch multiple fish at the same time. By keeping a hooked fish in the water you can keep the entire school next to the boat. This will allow you to catch as many fish as you want. Keep in mind here in Florida you can only keep ten fish over 20” per person. The limit is a healthy amount per person and should make it possible for you to have plenty of fish for your friends and family to eat. These fish can get up to 60+ lbs.

Fishing for dolphin starts by heading offshore; they are found in the Gulf Stream. There are many methods used to catch dolphin which include trolling, drifting, and live bait fishing. The most common way to catch them is by trolling; trolling to basically dragging dead baits behind the boat so they appear to be swimming. This method allows you to cover a large area in order to find the fish. Trolling lures is another great way to catch fish as well.

When trolling for dolphin be sure to keep an eye out for floating debris or birds. These are the some of the two best things to find when dolphin fishing. Floating debris harbors many different bait fish which in turn brings the dolphin there. Birds often circle above dolphin eat scraps of fish the dolphin leave behind. Whether you find birds are floating debris dolphin are surely close behind.

Make a trip down to the Florida Keys to plan your next dolphin trip. The Keys offers the best dolphin fishing in the country. Find a captain that knows the area and where the fish are. Make sure you have a comfortable boat because the seas can be rough depending on the weather. Bring plenty of sunblock and water to drink. A long day on the water can be very tiring. These are a few things you should keep in mind when planning a trip for dolphin.

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