Searching for a Florida Keys Fishing Charters?

Let Captain Doug Kelley customize a Florida Keys Fishing CharterĀ trip to meet your personal ideal deep sea fishing trip. Come fish the Florida Keys with Captain Doug aboard Hooked UP II.

Captain Doug Kelley is located in the heart of the Florida Keys...Marathon, Florida.

With quick access to the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay, Captain Doug can meet all your fishing dreams.


If you prefer to fish just off the reef, Captain Doug can take you where the GROUPER and SNAPPER are plentiful.

Florida Keys fishing charters at its finest! Marathon offers some of the best fishing that the Keys has to offer.

Ray caught this redfish while fishing a wreck in the bay off Marathon in the Florida Keys with Capt. Doug.

Ray was visiting from Montana and took a fishing charter out of Marathon in the Florida Keys with Capt. Doug Kelley. This was one of three large bull redfish we caught along with our limit of mangrove snapper. Despite the 60 degree weather and 25 knot winds we still managed to catch these trophy size redfish. One of the nice things about Marathon is even with heavy winds there are still many places we can fish and still be very productive. Many captains cancel trips due to strong winds but with a little local knowledge most days we can still make it happen.

Monster redfish caught on a fishing charter in the bay off Marathon with Capt. Doug.

Shawn caught this monster bull redfish back in the bay.

Shawn caught her first big bull redfish in the bay off Marathon on a 3/4 day fishing charter. With windy conditions we often fish the bay. We caught of limit of snapper and a few of these oversized redfish. This is a trophy size redfish! Come book your next Florida Keys fishing charter with Capt. Doug and let him put you on a fish of a lifetime!

Big bull shark caught off Marathon last week. Shark fishing charters offer exciting action with big fish.

Big bull shark coming to the boat off Marathon in the Fl Keys.

We caught this big bull on a shark fishing charter off Marathon in the Fl Keys. Shark fishing charters offer the opportunity to pull on big fish. Almost all sharks are released unharmed unless we catch a good eating shark. Come book your next charter with Capt. Doug.

Bryan caught his cobia fishing a Gulf wreck off Marathon in the Fl Keys. Come book your next fishing charter with Capt. Doug.

Bryan cobia

Wrecks in the Gulf off Marathon are very productive this time of year for cobia just ask Bryan. We had a great day catching sharks, cobia, grouper, snapper, hogfish, jacks among other. Fishing in the bay offer a wide variety of fish and is perfect for when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Hammerhead shark caught on a offshore fishing charter off Marathon in the Florida Keys.


This was 1 of 3 large hammerheads we caught on an offshore fishing charter off Marathon today. While fishing for sailfish we often catch other large predators. These guys put up on heck of a fight in deep water. Ask Capt. Doug about a offshore fishing charter!

Flag size yellowtail snapper caught on a half day charter off Marathon Key.

big flag

Reef fishing is a great type of trip for half day fishing charters. This trip offers the most fishing time with a short run from the dock. Yellowtail snapper are some of the best eating fish out there.

Sailfish are biting off Marathon, come book your fishing charter with Capt. Doug and get one for yourself.


We caught this 87″ sailfish in 110ft of water off Marathon last week. This is charter fishing at its finest! Make sure to ask about our taxidermy services. This sail made for one hell of mount for the wall. Of course after the picture the fish was released unharmed. Sailfish charters are some of the most exciting types of fishing we offer.

Large mutton snapper caught on a offshore charter off Marathon in the Fl Keys

big mutton

We caught this fat mutton snapper on a bottom rod while waiting for the sailfish to show up off Marathon. What better way to kill some time than fish for muttons while waiting! Call Capt. Doug and ask him about a sailfish charter.

Flag yellowtails snapper caught a fishing charter of Marathon in the Florida Keys

Doug's flag

This was one of many large yellowtails caught on a 3/4 day fishing charter off Marathon in the Florida Keys. We managed to get our limit of 10 per person with fish ranging from 17-23″ even with the sharks eating them at the boat. Make sure you ask Capt. Doug about our reef charters. Reef charters are perfect for family groups.

Mutton snapper caught on a 1/2 day fishing charter off Marathon in the Fl Keys.

mutton snapper

Despite the bad weather we still managed to get this fat mutton snapper of Marathon last wee. With strong winds we often fish Hawks Channel. This time of year the patch reefs are loaded with fish.